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writers-illustrators-picture-booksWriters and Illustrators of Picture Books

You must never illustrate exactly what is written. You must find a space in the text so that the pictures can do the work. Then you must let the words take over where words do it best. It’s a funny kind of juggling act.

Maurice Sendak

Early Sounding Board

When you’re beginning a new project you need to spend time nourishing your thoughts. We hope the material on our Resources and Windfalls pages might help.

Sometimes an early sounding board can be really useful. We’d be delighted to hear about your idea, read any early drafts of your text and respond to initial artwork, either on the phone, via email, or, where possible, face to face. Picture book submissions are taken care of by an editor and a designer together so that words and pictures receive equal attention.

Picture Book Review

This is an in depth review of your picture book text and/or, illustrations. We will look carefully at the premise, plot, structure, characterisation and narrative rhythm of your text, respond in detail to any illustrations and consider how the elements are working together. You will receive a comprehensive letter, articulating the strengths of your project, locating areas that need more attention and making suggestions for development. A follow-up phone or Skype call is included too, so that we can chat through the review and respond to any queries you have, as well as to any further ideas you may have had since reading our review.

Portfolio Review for Illustrators

A designer and an editor will take a thoughtful look at your portfolio and give you a comprehensive response to the breadth of your work, bearing in mind any specific focus you would like us to have. We are happy to look at textual drafts as part of your portfolio. Our response can be given by email, over the phone, or, where possible, face to face.

Please note that there is a reduced fee for students for this service.